Environmental Practices

During the renovation and upgrading works of the hotel, all materials used for construction were, preferably, recyclable, ecological and excellent for energy saving:

  • For false ceilings and partitions were used plasterboards (sound-insulating and recyclable material)
  • For the windows were used double-glazed units, which act thermo – acoustic and reduce the UV radiation passing through Investment and equipment in the rooms are mostly of wood, glass and metal, recyclable and environmental materials
  • For the walls were used eco paints
  • For lighting we use new-generation and low-power lamps
  • The rooms have digital card readers and magnetic contacts on doors for greater energy saving when customer leaves the room
  • The refrigerators, hobs and hoods in the rooms are of Energy Consumption Class A
  • In rooms are used mixing batteries with special filters to reduce water flow
  • The flushing appliances in bathrooms are of double-touch with flow water control of specified quantity
  • Power generation is obtained with photovoltaic systems, and the hot water comes partly from solar water heaters
  • We seek the reduction of disposable products
  • We select large packaging materials to reduce the volume of waste and make extensive recycling of plastic, paper, aluminum, batteries, consumables, printers, photocopiers.
  • We collect the waste oil and fats, for integrated management and recycling
  • We avoid products producing air pollutants
  • We limit the use of chemicals in gardening and apply organic farming procedures
  • We use environmentally friendly products and chemicals in swimming pool
  • We mostly use local plants and herbs for garden planning
  • The cleaning products of rooms and common areas are environmentally friendly and ecological
  • The customers during their stay at the hotel shall be given information for water and energy saving